Escape Room? Escape Game? Is this dangerous/scary? Do I need to be agile and strong?

No, there is no climbing involved. Nothing will pop out to scare you. Though the plot itself may run chills down your spine, we’re not attempting to give anyone a heart attack. In addition, all our puzzles require mental strength rather than physical strength or nimbleness.

Do I need to know Math/Science/etc really well to escape the room?

All of our puzzles can be solved with basic logic and teamwork using clues within the room. Though knowledge of trivia may help shortcut the process, we designed the game to be a test of fluid intelligence and teamwork rather than creating puzzles with answers that are obscure. This isn’t Jeopardy!

What if my team and I really can’t figure out the puzzle? Do we just sit there for one hour and never escape?

We designed the game to have a scaling difficulty level so that groups can decide on their own how difficult they want the game to be. Each group will be given hints (or can choose to refuse them), if they are stuck for longer than a set amount of time, so use them wisely! You can be sure that your mind will be reset back on the right track!

How early should our group arrive?

Please make sure that all members in your party arrive at 5-10 minutes before your game begins so we can go over the rules and game play.

What if my group is late?

You must arrive on time in order to participate. We start on time so if you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed in and a refund will not be given.

Do you do anything special for Birthday/Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties?

Want to surprise someone or customize your visit? Be sure to email us! While we do not provide any additional birthday props, if your team has ideas, we can modify the room to fit what you’re looking to achieve to leave a lasting impression the way you want it. Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, office team building, players come to escape the room for various reasons but leave ready to take on the next chapter of the story.

Do I need to purchase all the tickets for a room?

Absolutely not.  Get one or a few and you’ll be teamed with other people in the same game.  Teamwork is not required but you’ll be much more successful if you work with others.

How can I make sure my group can get the room all to ourselves?

The only way to book a private room for your group is to purchase all tickets for that session.

Is this game suitable for kids?

There is nothing scary or inappropriate in any of our rooms. The complexity of some of the puzzles are intended for 18 and older, however, our younger players have a great time finding clues and brainstorming with the team!

Why can’t I just play an escape the room game on my phone or online?

You can, just like you can watch a movie at home instead of going to the theater. However, you will miss out on being able to interact with all the game elements in real life, the fun of cooperation and teamwork, and most of all, the experience. Just like a movie, our game is laced with a back story that brings the player into the world we have created for them. This game is not meant to have players sitting down, puzzle solving, but rather moving around and working together to escape the room.

Can I book a time that is not available on the Website?

Yes. Please email or call 701-388-1905 at least one day in advanced to make a custom booking. We will do our best to accommodate your group!

Grand Forks Escape Room